Hibow v0.6.4.0 is out!

Hello, dear players! version is now online. This update further stabilizes the version and expands the shop with new skins for players to purchase! Let's take a look at the details of this update!

Here are the details of what we've done in this update. Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug in war and io modes where killing enemies with special arrows would automatically switch back to normal arrows
  • Fixes a bug that caused the AI or other players sometimes equipped with player's arrow skin
  • Fix a bug that prevented you from receiving messages when adding friends via id
  • Fixes a bug where your bow will disappear when encountering other players with bow skins in the game
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player and AI names from being visible except in Team Deathmatch mode


  • The game will now indicate the reason for being forced to go back to lobby
  • Optimised the performance when you in a customized room in lobby
  • Improved the layout when being invited

Please go applab and leave us a review if Hibow somehow brings happiness. This means a lot to us!

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