Hibow V0.5.0 is out!

Hello! Dear players! Thank you your patience for the long wait. Version is finally out! This update has reworked the prop system, armour system and newbie tutorial, as well as further improving the stability of the game. Here are the details of this update.

  • Integrated the old helmet and armour into the new armour, the new armour will be consumed first instead of blood
  • Modified the way to obtain different level ups (level 1, 2 and 3 light shield/balance bar/charge block)
  • In the new version, players will be able to upgrade their level ups by picking up the same one
  • We have reworked the tutorial flow, removed redundant steps and enhanced the shooting and flying instructions to help players improve. While we have also reworked the tutorial scenes to fit the lobby's artwork

In addition, we have made many other optimisations.

  • Added more in-game voiceover
  • Optimised for a more scientific hand tactical panel
  • Redesigned the display of HP
  • Further optimized the stability of the game, fixing many problems that were caused by network fluctuations
  • Optimized the game lobby scene
  • Redesigned the the jet target
  • Optimised the description UI for weapons and props

At the same time, we will open the Battle Royale ranking tournament full time in V0.5.0.0 for a limited time. We'll be launching a series of events to give away mysterious gifts to players on the leaderboard, so stay tuned!

Another thing I must say in this version, 3v3 English voice-over was done by our enthusiastic player @FrogDaPirate, thanks for his contribution!

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