2021.0521 Update- Beta V0.4.2.0

Hibow now on oculus APP LAB: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3687705861311054/


- The new mode "Team Deathmatch" is out now

- KOB mode is temporarily closed, War mode can be selected in the created room

- Optimized-model Weapen "Hammer" now is back


- Freezing arrow may freeze player itself

- The room owner can't play normally due to switching mode.

- Adjust some UI problems


- scene sound effects

Descriptions of "Team Deathmatch":

1. Players are divided into two camps of red and blue for 3v3

2. Confrontation with the goal of reaching target points

3. This mode requires players to collect "Deathmatch Coins" to buy upgraded equipment

4. This mode has improved the basic movement speed

5. Limit the quantity of hook claw arrows but players can upgrade the limitation of numbers with "Deathmatch Coins"

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