Hibow v0.4.6.0 is out !


  • Remake the game lobby
  • Golden Town added peripheral mid-scene
  • Update skybox
  • Remake Team Death spawn point

Team death match:

  • Weapon price balance adjustment
  • Add ambient sound effects
  • Add point occupancy at the top of the screen
  • Add point effects on the ground when occupying points
  • Add beeps when entering and leaving the target area
  • New light pillar effect after occupying area
  • Optimize the UI of target and resource points
  • Update the UI display for purchasing supplies
  • Random events base tips UI optimization
  • Random event bombing, optimize the bomb explosion area prompts

Art effects:

  • Optimized character mapping
  • Optimized the effect in Team Death mode
  • Optimized weapon surface textures


  • Optimized AI behavior
  • Added more actions to the AI


  • Optimized shooting feel
  • Added interaction hints for interactables
  • Players can now hear the behavioral sound effects emitted by other players
  • Optimized arrow display hints

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