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Players all over the world are transported to the cyber space outer space with a large amount of mysterious energy distributed in different spaces. Using the energy rackets to collect energy, stimulating sports potential of your body and getting a higher ranking to become the superstar in the cyberspace.

Game features:
◆ Dynamic electronic music with Tron-style art style, players can easily get started and immerse themselves in a different world
◆ Stretch your hands and body through rhythmic movement, and exercise at the same time to get higher scores
◆ Six well-designed levels with three different difficulties to choose
◆ Various interactables, dodging, tapping and breaking experience make the game more challenging
◆ Compete with all players on the global leaderboard
◆ Long-term play makes exercise no more boring and also achieve the goal of weight loss at the same time


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still waiting for a email or reply... 

bought this ages ago and still no key ..

Hi, I saw the email, I'll send you the key right away, I'm very sorry for not giving feedback in time!

thanks ... got it... loving the Game...

  great work 😃

HI ,   Chesstar Studios ... 

I bought this (LoopSpace)  in Bundle a while back already , and I now see its now on the APP lab...
Please can I get the app lap code for this ..

 Thanks :) 

 Kind regards

 David Preston



It's on applab now. Where are the codes 🙈 can't wait😂

Hello, if you have already bought this game. We will contact you through mail including APP LAB code~

still no email with key ... bought this ages ago 


Hi .. Same here , also waiting for the APP lab code , I
bought this in Bundle a while back .

   Thanks .. :)

Hello, please leave your purchase email, I will send the key to this email soon, thank you!

Hi .. When will it be released ?
   Bought it in the bundle , but still not able to download it .. :( 

Sorry for the late reply. We are still working on the upgrade of this game and for now it can not be downloaded

 thanks :)  

..really Looking forward to playing LoopSpace , looks epic

  Keep up the good work ..



Hmmm ...   Looking good  :) 

  Good Work so far Dev ..