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I tried to open Hibow yesterday and 3 times i just got a black screen. Bad timing as I'm addicted now. How do I fix it and how do I become a supporter? Will becoming a supporter fix it? Fantastic death matches!!!!!

Sorry, let me know your game nickname and I'll help you out.

Make sure you downloaded the latest version from applab.


It has me stuck on the character screen and I cant do anything. I left a review on the game so if you could please fix this bug it would be helpful.

I'm trying to play hibow, but cannot refill my arrows.  Your tutorial does not cover this simple game function - even in the tutorial it said I have no arrows and would not let me participate (This should be detected and auto-corrected).  How do I refill my arrows?

youโ€™ll find arrows on the ground you just have to pick them up

My son is loving the game so far. However, he wants to know if he is allowed to buy coins for the bows or if he can only earn them? If they can be bought how is this done?

You can get coins by completing the tasks in the game.
There is no option to buy coins at the moment.


Yeah I've seen your handle on there... Same happened you?!? You don't think it's a ToS thing do you....if that's the problem this game is NOT as cool as I thought.

The devs fixed this issue and reimbursed me for the trouble... I'm addicted to this game and I absolutely recommend becoming a supporter. ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

Looking for support/help section. Two days ago I was #6 so far in season 2, and was moving up quickly. Then I wake up yesterday ready to play and I see the Tutorial screen. I skip that get to the lobby to see my rank now is 100+ and my kill count is zero?!?!? Obviously I like the game but....

is this a vr only game 


is there a way to install games straight to the headset using the quest 2 browser

Thanks for your support. And I am sorry to tell you that you  must use sideload or sidequest installer to install this game~

Yes, there is a video from Waqman on youtube that shows you how. I do it all the time. His videos are 2 minutes long .

install sidequest on ur android phone or on windows then install to the headset program that can install apks like apk installer

Will "Plus Edition Privileges" work on the Release Version? Or will it work on Pre Release Version only?

If you bought Hibow support, which means you can get Hibow release version for free after this games's official version launches and some special skins, etc.  

just asking, does this game work on the Rift S as well or only the Quest?

Sorry for the late reply. For now this game do work on the Quest. But our game is now in the willlist on steam and in the future it will work on Rift S. 

Hello, the game has great potential and is already awesome. I am considering becoming a supporter, but I haven't found any info if supporters will get any (early-supporter only) special skins, badges or other advantages / rewards in full version (after release)? That would be great bonus (and another reason to support now). Also, are you planning any kind of promotion to get bigger playerbase? (maybe some influencer marketing with big YT channels)

Thanks for your comments. Hibow is still developing and we are working on the game very hard to bring more players best experience. In the future(after release) there will be more privileges for the early supports including speical skins,badges, etc. We are also trying to make achievement systems in the game. So Hibow gets a long way to go for developers.  Players can be confident in your expectation of Hibow.

Thanks for reply. I hope you will continue development. Supported!

can vr play with non vr, or is it just vr?

Hello, this is a VR-based game.

It dont work what to do?


Sorry for the late reply, what problems did you encounter? Feel free to contact us Our email:

is this a vr game bc im actually am confused about that?

Sorry for the late reply. This is a VR-based game. And it will also be launched on steam in a few months.

Good day, Chesstar Studios

My game nick name is : (Coca Cola)

I just wanted to inform you in regards to the new update. 

1) There is major lag time which was not there before.

2) Players are frozen in mid air.

3) kept on getting kicked out of the batter while flying in mid air.

4) Getting stuck in corners during game with no way out.

5) At the start spawning on another player's position together.

6) Time to time same item swawn through out the whole area. (Example : sword with shield was in 5 place )

7) Even when we select real player, Ai is still present as they just stand in one position without moving until they notice you and just stands there trying to shoot you.

These are just few cons I have come across for the new update and just wanted to express in hopes it would help make this wonderful fun game even better in the future. I'll try to take some screenshots of these cons and send you via email.


Thank you.

Thank you very much for your feedback! We will check the situations you listed one by one. If you get the screenshots, please provide it to us. Thanks again!

Could you maby make it steam vr capibl

Sorry for the late reply.  This game will be launched on steam in a few months and we are working on it!

nice and thanks

amazing game, would love to see this game more popular

Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Looks very cool !


Please make it for PC. I don't have side quest, but I want to play it!


Currently only supports quest. We got a plan to launch on PC platfrom. I will let you know when the PC version is released. And also there's a game already on Oculus called Airranger. It's like a predecessor made by us but less contents than Hibow.

love this game.  I am supporting this game.

Thanks for your support!

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This is a legit purchase that actually works

sounds like a good deal ;) hi this is Carol hope you have been doing well 

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I'm an archery fan and the game quickly became my favorite. Big plus for multiplayer availability in China (didn't know your based in SH, haha, I'm from HZ) . Great game! 

Thanks for your support! We will continue to make this game better!

Can I still donate to get the plus edition ? 

Sure! Welcome to become a Hibow Early Supporter !


Can this be played on the rift?

Currently only supports quest. You may try Airranger, download it from steam or oculus store.

I have try it last week, best shoot multi game ever on vr headset. Very fun to play via through arrow teleport that let me fly everywere. this game give me the least motion sick of all i tried. GG dev team.

Thanks for your review! Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Amazing game, easy to play. Hibow is a great example of what is possible using VR; surprisingly not disorienting. 10/10

Thanks for your review! Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

very great game

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Thanks for the gameplay video! There is a bug at the beginning of your video. We will update a patch to fix this bug today.

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I realy like this game it works perfect and it is just so much fun to play!

Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

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Help! i want this game so bad. It says I have to download the latest patch in the headset on startup, but when i try to download it, the download fails at 80%-99%.  hot update error: 107

Hello there!  You can try to delete the current version in your helmet, and then reinstall the V0.2.7 version.

I have tried that, I have tried a different wifi, and I have tried downloading it on SideQuest as well. Also, it probably dosent make a difference but I have an oculus quest

Got it working, don't know how, but its working.

to say i have a complaint is a understatement...

I was number four on the leaderboard now i am a 100+...  WTF

You are the pioneer Top4, and you have received 3000 coins as a reward. And the return of points is to prepare for the preseason. ,  wish you get a good place.

Fantastic game well done, loads of fun, very addictive i even had to share on a face book page on one of my more lucky games 6 out of 10 kills and got top spot.  wow

I downloaded the game 2 days ago and have been playing it as much as I can as I really enjoy the game. However there is one major downside to the game that I've found, the game has an energy system similar to mobile games that restrict you from playing too much. While I understand why it is in the game I am not a fan as I don't play too many games on oculus and this is one I want to keep playing a lot. I my opinion its the best VR BR out there and I want to keep playing.

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The resolution of the game is too low for me. It seems you have not enabled dynamic fixed foveated rendering for the Quest. Please enable DFFR for the Quest. Oculus has docs on how to enable DFFR. For eg. for Unity here. and for Unreal, here

Thank you for your feedback! We will read this document and plan to optimize the resolution in later versions.


So, this is Airranger. Your description of Hibow on your dev page calls it Airranger. I assume by this Airranger is dead and we wont be receiving any further content updates?

I love your Airranger game, please work on that instead of repackaging it for resale.

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Thanks for your reply and attention to Airranger!We previously developed Airranger For Pc VR.

Hibow is a new game developed for Oculus Quest. It will be launched on sidequest for free.

The bow and arrow experience comes from Airranger, but it is better than that.We spent a lot of time upgrading it, and if you've ever played Airranger, the new game will surprise you even more!

It has to be said that Hibow will have a lot of social content.

Hibow is still under development, welcome to join discord to exchange your ideas and suggestions. Link๏ผšhibow discord server

Hi and thank you for your reply!

Will Hibow only be for Oculus Quest or will there be  a PCVR version/port.


The first to consider is mobile vr.


1 month after you posted the PC version isn't a thing. So, I assume the want to keep HiBow for the Quest and Airranger for PC.


See i dont understand their thinking, why not have one game with cross compatability,so they can have a larger audience for multiplayer. With VR multiplayer always being an issue due to lower player base (in comparison to flat screen multiplayer), why split the audience. More maps, nurture the community and the game would thrive (in my opinion). Its just such a wasted opportunity.