2020.0426 Update- Patch Notes

Hi everynoe,

The latest update of NES SPACE increases the number of coins and the storage space of the game.

Important Update:
-Your initial coin will be increased to 50,000
-You can get 2 coins per second, when running rom, you can get 4 coins per second
-The initial storage rom space will be increased to 50 grids

Special Note:
We have received feedback from player Lukeslens that Super Mary is not working. We are checking this issue and we will update it once it is resolved.

Chesstar Studio


NES SPACE_Itch_0426.apk 223 MB
Apr 26, 2020
Turn your Android phone into a controller 32 MB
Apr 23, 2020
Activation code(Turn your free trial version into a full version).txt 130 bytes
Apr 23, 2020

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I love the concept, especially since there’s nothing else like it on Quest but I can’t see myself paying $17 for an emulator that only plays games from a single system. I might pay $20 for something that plays Genesis and SNES too though.