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Will this still be updated?

Hello! There is currently no specific release plan, but we are working on a simplified version to support Mixed Reality (MR) mode.

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I bought this game long time ago and now bought a Quest 2 and I can´t activate the game . Some chinese writing

Purchased for $13.59 1 year ago (20% off)


I have tested the IGN's top 100 NES games in NES Space (plus an additional 50 of my favorites that weren't in the list).

Here are the results. If you see the game in the top 100, but not in my list, it didn't work. Notable unsupported games were Super Mario and Super Mario 3. I tried multiple versions of them.

I have played it for a few hours now. Not every game works, but there are a bunch of my favorites that do. I really appreciate VR room environments and the fact that oculus controllers can play the game so I don't have to deal with a controller. The things I want most (other than better support of games) is:

1. Being able to save my state in games

2. Not hearing the room/scene background music on top of video games when I play


Cool but, 17$ for a NES EMULATOR?

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Yeah, and the emulator itself is actually worse in compatibility and accuracy compared to free open source ones, for context most established free emulators have had full speed and full compatibility for NES/SNES in the past 13-15 years.

I understand the scenes aren't easy to make, to the devs credit they are pretty well made, and that's understandable to have a price tag on, but they should just make the emulator itself free, and maybe have the scenes be paid for.

After an hour of research I wasn't able to find a couple important things before purchasing.

- Does it support zapper? If so are there screenshots/video available?
- I read that not all NES games are compatible, is there a compatibility list?

it does not support zapper, and this app is very poorly made, do not buy it I wasted my money so please do not waste yours.

Thanks for your comments. Are there any troubles with the game?

The music plays in background even while playing roms, the roms have screen issues with lines and such, emulation is horrible, the environments are ugly and not properly scaled, the android app doesn't work with usb controllers...

so lots of issues.

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Do you plan to add snes emulation support? Or, more ambitiously, any other emulators like M.A.M.E.?  Snes would be awesome, frankly. Also, have you considered an actual arcade environment? 

Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds great! Nes Space will try to support more emulators in the future.

I see a game boy in the photos.Can we play on a game boy ?

Did this just get updated ? What changes ?

Dude can you make city avenger for first person view optional ?

Did I get charged for your game ? I see it on my credit card when it was on sale but no full game available to download.

Hi, If you complete the payment, you will receive an email from itch. Your payment hasn’t been received yet.

perhaps a portable screen too like a game boy ect.Movie theater sized screen and video file options to play on the monitors.I’d like a free roam or location options to see the screen at different views.

Thank you for your suggestion.  Sounds great!  Nes Space may try it in the future.

Very nice game.Add more arcade machine cabinets please.Perhaps a room,that’s a arcade.Updated software to have multiple arcade machines loaded with roms.Thanks.

Does it come with any roms ? Where do the rom files go ? 

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Hello, we don’t provide rom, you can buy or download rom to import into Nes Space.

Am trying to load on my new Quest 2, will not activate. have downloaded the latest files. Writing is in Chinese, so I cant even read what the error says. Also, can we turn off that music please? 

Hello, our player id is hardware based before. However, you can contact our email  I will tell you the information you need to provide and then we can solve the problem.

Email sent

Still doesn't work with Super Mario Brothers 3 unfortunately, which is probably one of the main roms people want to run.


Could you PLEASE incorporate other emulators into this? Meaning , this is limited to NES, right? I would love to have MAME, Atari, Etc.. This would sell ;-)

any way we can have two tvs one playing video files and the other playing the games?

Does not worth it. The roms are buggy and the main NES Titles does not work.

Thanks for your feedback, which rom has an error while running. Could you tell us the name of rom pls?  we will check it.

this is an awesome idea, have you thought of adding some sort of integration with retroachievements?  Then instead of just earning coins per second, you could earn them as you complete achievements, having a cartridge turn gold when you complete all achievements for a game.

Thanks for your suggestion! Sounds good. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for NES Space, and will carefully consider each idea.

Why are you limiting how many of my games i can see??

Where are the save states??

I feel like i got ripped off

Thank you for your feedback. You can spend coins to unlock the storage cabinet, and every hour of the game will bring 14,000 coins. The storage function is currently not supported. NES SPACE will support other emulatons in the future.


Please make a steamvr version.

not even this version works how it should

Hey there! I have recently installed the game on my Quest, but the screen keeps going black and not loading after opening the app.

Thank you for your feedback. Did you download the free trial version? Please tell me more about your black screen information, I will help you solve it.

Thank you Chesstar! Somehow (thankfully!) it has resolved itself - I look forward to using it more!

I have recently purchased the game and upgraded my Quest. Installed the game on my new Quest and it's telling me the game key has already been used. Can someone please either reset the activation key or send me another?

Hello, I will help you solve this problem. You need to provide me with the email number you used to buy NES SPACE. In order to protect your privacy, please contact me by email:

I don't know the picture is way too oversaturated, the games run really bad.

Thank you for your feedback. May I ask what rom you are running and have a bad experience?We will help you solve your problem.

I tried a few some are ok but there is a input delay that is very noticeable, than I think 3 out of 4 games I tried the performance was let's say jittery. And is it possible to implement manual adjustment for brightness contrast etc it is so oversaturated in mario 1 as example you can't almost difference brown from orange 

Bomberman ist one of them that run jittery

Thanks for your feedback, we will check the running status of Bomberman on the simulator.

Great Quest Nes simulator! I am obsessed with all simulators, this one also drives me crazy!

Does Nes Space support only NES games or also games from other systems, like SNES, GameBoy or GBA?

NES SPACE is specially developed for mobile VR, including Quest, Oculus Go. NES SPACE will support other emulatons in the future.

How do you import games to nes space on oculus quest ?


You need SideQuest, there’s links to a tutorial on how to install this in the description of the video. You also need to connect your headset to PC to transfer the emulator and roms from your computer to your headset. Then, run the emulator, give it permission to access your files. Once you’ve done that, restart your Quest, connect it to your PC and you should see a folder called ‘NES Space’. Copy your roms into that folder. When you start up the emulator again, go into your games library, hit the refresh button and the games should come up.

Was really excited about this but the game is...not great. First off, multiple roms just didn't work. I couldn't get any Super Mario to load and several of the others slowed down considerably becoming unplayable. Add to that the concept that I had to pay "2,000 coins" just to add a fairly modest library." And how do I get more coins in order to unlock, basically, everything? I have to play the games apparently, except I can't because nothing works. Really disappointed, especially since it cost $17 just to begin with. FYI, just loading up RetroArch into your OculusTV app is a far better experience over all, and its free.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.

We will do a version update that will add more coins and unlock 5 pages of game spaces.We will also check the problem that Super Mario can't run. Currently you can choose Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt (USA), it can be run.

I really love the application. I hope that the developer can add SNES mode. It would be an ideal Quest emulator then.