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Trying to organize my Quest games and was wondering if its possible to get a key for the game for App Lab if you own the game through itch?

I bought it a while ago and sideloaded it. 


To be a shooting  game it is almost annoying, very low adrenaline. No or few support from the developer. I get stucked in a level, no instruction how to get out.

It's just a free mobile game but paid on a Quest.

I played this on cv1 and gearvr.Needs only optional first person view.

It’s like Gta3 in vr.It’s cool.

First person update please and if possible inside interior of vehicles too.

this game is a free mobile game that got ripped from mobile and put on the quest while also costing money


Wow! An $8 asset flip, which I could just play keyboard and mouse on any browser gaming platform. Spectacular!

Definitely an improvement over the AR gun version. any plans for a wave mode? or maybe first person?

Hi,this is the first 6dof mobile version of City Avenger. We did a different experience for the 6dof mobile terminal. The 6dof controller experience is also comparable to the XBOX controller.


I  have not played this game yet, However this seems to be yet another version of the same game I've seen many variants of this game on mobile. I think the first version was a game called "Sonny The Madman" and I'm basing that of of how all of the other games that use the same textures meshes and levels all have short little blurbs at the end-level screen and sometimes just sometimes It mentions the player as "Sonny" because the mobile devs were just to lazy to change it. Not too sure if this applies to this game, but judging from the screen shots this game falls for all of the same pitfalls as the others.

Some screenshots shown are not from the Quest version.  
Image flickers too much and graphics could be a lot better.  
Maybe better bought the Rift version :-(

Thanks for feedback. The points you mentioned will be followed up and optimized. The Quest version enjoys everything with more freedom of movement.

Most of your games have Missions and things to do, is this the same? also... is an external controller needed?

Thank you for your feedback.

We have reasonably developed the key functions of the left and right handles of Quest. Now the Quest controller can support all game operations. Of course we will support the Xbox controller as a future update plan. In CityAvenger, missions are more like your achievements. Destroy and Avenge !